Thursday, February 14th 2019Rockton World Fair

Since All the World Comes to Visit”: A History of Rockton Agricultural Society and the World’s Fair

After a successful Fair, host Andrew Kernighan and a group of newspaper men reminisced about the 1878 show, all agreeing that there was no finer a fair in the province of Ontario. Jokingly, Jane Kernighan said it should be called the World’s Fair since all the world comes to visit. The newspaper editors and journalists agreed and the next day each of the newspapers titled the show “The World’s Fair at Rockton.”

While fair-goers today are no longer witness to contests such as “Best Head of Hair” or “Oldest Married Couple,” they can still enjoy agricultural displays, world-class livestock, heavy horse demonstrations, interactive educational exhibits, a thrilling midway, and delicious food. The Rockton World’s Fair has been an integral part of Hamilton and Southern Ontario history dating all the way back to the mid 1800’s.

In this presentation, learn about the history of the Rockton Agricultural Society. Discover the men and women, united by their livelihoods, their heritage in a rural community, and passion for country, education, and agriculture. Find out how the society started, developed, and evolved into one of the oldest and most successful agricultural societies in the province. Learn what an agricultural society does, discover all the community events they sponsor and host (in addition to the annual fair!), and meet all the characters that volunteer hours and hours of their time.